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We are your trusted auto shop in Charlottesville, VA, with over 5 years of experience providing comprehensive service for your car. We specialize in keeping your vehicle in optimal condition


Some of Our Services

Our team of experienced and certified technicians is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service, and we are committed to your satisfaction.

General mechanics

Change of transmission fluids and filters, general check of your vehicle

Tire Sales: New and Used

Tire rotation and balancing, installation of new and used tires

Oil Change

Oil and filter change, change of brakes and discs


We care about you and your car

We have been providing comprehensive auto services for over 5 years, specializing in keeping your vehicle in top condition. Book your appointment today and enjoy a fast, efficient and reliable service.

Cesar F. Rivas

Founder of Tire & Auto Services LLC

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Over 5 years providing comprehensive service to your vehicle.


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